Sic Transit Vir


Dave Mustaine said that the president is behind shootings in Aurora and Wisconsin while he was in Singapore and has received no pushback from the media.

The Dixie Chicks said they were ashamed that Bush was from Texas while in the UK and were roundly criticized for attacking the president while in a foreign country.

I think this summarizes American politics pretty well.

The Dixie Chicks also had their records banned by many radio stations & there were demonstrations against them, in which their CD’s were broken & burned. And worst of all, they received death threats. 

All of this happened because the Dixie Chicks stated an opinion.

On the other hand, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth told a huge lie but stated it as a fact.

What always bothered me most about the manufactured Dixie Chicks “controversy” was how no one seemed to notice the obvious real motive of their detractors.  At the time Natalie made her comment they had the #1 country single with their cover of Bruce Robison’s “Travelin’ Soldier”.  I thought it was a bit too maudlin and a bit too similar to “Billy Don’t Be a Hero” but it was undeniably an anti-war song, apparently reflecting the mood of the nation, stuck right there at #1 and unavoidable on any country station just as Bush was trying to justify the run up to his gulf war.  It was awkward for Bush.

So Natalie made one passing comment and boom, Fox and others jumped on it and there was the flimsy justification for taking the song off the air and turning people against the band’s message.

According to Wikipedia,

Natalie’s comment in England:  March 10, 2003

US invasion of Iraq began:  March 20, 2003